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My Best Friend Obedience

At My Best Friend Obedience we are proud to assist dog owners throughout Ventura, The San Fernando Valley, and the greater Los Angeles Area. We have over 30 years of experience with documented success. We utilize the latest techniques in dog training and behavior modiciation to help you and your dog become BEST FRIENDS. We are also associated with the Animal Behavior College, The Association of Profesional Dog Trainers, the American Humane Society, as well as the AKC Canine Good Citizen Group.

About Our Trainers

Experience Matters

Your pet is like your child. You would do anything for them. But how do you bridge the gap between a disobidiant pet and a well behaviod pet. Simple, good parenting. Training is essential to your relationship with your pet. We now service all of Ventura, Camarillio, and Oxnard. Call today for a free over the phone consultation.

Ventura Training & Classes

25 Years of Success

It is no secret, a happy pet leads to a happy life. You and your family will appreciate your relationship with your pet so much more when communication is clear. Our Trainers have decades of experience. Take a look at our reviews on YELP.

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Having a BIG Dog in the City

Let’s face it. We live in one of the biggest metropolitan places in the world. Whether you call Woodland Hills, Encino, or Los Angeles home, it does not mean you cannot have a the pet you have always dreamed of. Raising a large dog in the city can work. Our experts know all the ticks and training techniques to teach your dog how to behaive in an apratment, condo, and all city living situations.

Training Classes Los Angeles

My Best Friend Obedience

No more making excuses for your dog’s behavior. Let our skilled staff help you today. Call us at (818) 996-3647 to set up a private session or fina a group class that firts your needs. Private training starts at as little as $60.00 and group classes range from $99 to $159 dollars. Our trainers are certified and have decades of experience. We firmly believe that there is no dog that we cannot train to become your true best friend. Click on the links above to see all of the Animal Agencies we are assosiated with. If you love your pet, give them the best. Call us today for a free phone consultation.

Internships & Special Offers

We offer exclusive internships for dog trainers and encourage you to contact us about our program.  We focus on training instructors for MY BEST FRIEND OBEDIENCE jobs, not for individual pursuits. We have created an excellent new curriculum that will teach you all different aspects of running a dog training business, from bookkeeping and maintaining a kennel, to training the owners and training the dogs!  You absolutely must have a flexible schedule for this to work.  We do most of our dog training evenings and weekends, but the office and in-kennel training usually takes place during the day, during the week… when we aren’t busy with clients.  Step one is to participate in our classes with a dog to make sure you like the way we train, and we can observe your skills!  Beginning and Intermediate Dog Trainer Programs are offered. Call (818) 996-3647 (DOGS), talk to Karen Taylor, CPDT-KA and enroll today!

How Are Training Program Works

  • Pay for, and partipate in our group classes or private training.
  • Intern (free except for the excellent training you get that you don’t have to pay for)
  • You begin to assist classes, that means we thought enough of your skill to allow you to work with clients directly!
  • Co-teach with a qualified instructor unpaid so they can observe (and assist) you.
  • Co-teach, paid, with a qualified instructor where you teach and the instructor assists you.
  • Teach your own class and potentially private sessions.
  • Then you begin to train new interns.
  • If you are a qualified pet sitter we can also provide you with “dog walking” referrals. Some of our students like someone to do the “walking training” for them!

We encourage you to “ride along” and intern with us on private sessions.  Call for a schedule.  We will not start giving you private sessions or classes until we feel you are ready.  As soon as you have all your own equipment, and you have had us join you on a number of private sessions to watch you work, we will let you know you are ready to take clients and begin setting up sessions for you.  It is not unusual for the training process to take a few years.  Of course, this is less for experienced trainers that have already received excellent training elsewhere or are just tired of working so hard to get new business.

A percentage earned by MBFO goes to pay for advertising, supplies, equipment, website, office help and phone time bringing in the clients! I encourage you to set up office time to learn the business end of training. Sometimes we have in-kennel training dogs to be worked, to help you get more hands on experience training dogs, under the supervision of a Master Trainer, and we have relationships with rescues where you can also get some hands on training!

We will be recommending books to read and videos/dvd’s to watch and seminars to attend all along the way

You & Your Dog Need Guidence. We Can Help.


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Your Dog Wants to be Trained. Make Your Dream a Reality.

There is nothing more rewarding than being able to socialize and interact with your pet. Training your dog to do these things without giving you a fuss is another story. Teaching your puppy or adolecent dog to sit, stay, shake, even to understand the essentialls such as poddy training, all can be handled quickly with the assitance of a profesional trainer. Call us today. We would love to help you and your dog become best friends. It is what we do.


Multiple Locations

We are proud to service Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Woodland Hills, Encino, Sherman Oaks, The San Fernando Valley, and the entire Los Angeles area. Check out our locations.


Over 35 Years of Experience

Five Locations for Convienent Training

One on One Custom Private Training

Over 10 Different Classes Targeting Certain Areas of Obedience

Real Client Testimonials

I was referred to Karen by a private party and saw her listing in Thumbtack. Karen is extremely responsive to call you and she takes the time learn about you and your pet’s needs before making an appointment. The lesson was excellent. I saw a change in behavior within just the first session. I highly recommend Karen.

Patty C.

It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for coming and helping me and Spock to go through this time. I was thinking to find another family dog for Spock but from your training I gained a hope and self confidence to over come his separation anxiety. Spoke loves you so mch too! Thank you again for your help.

Junko Clinger

Karen, Katie the trainer you sent is FANTASTIC. She arrived on time, she did not make us feel like bad dog owners, she worked wonders with Diogo (and us) in the first session, and MOST of all she was patient, calm, and understanding. Thank you Karen.



Make Your Dog Your Best Friend Again

Do you and your family dream of taking your dog to the beach, to the park, on vacation, or just to sit at home and relax WITHOUT drama and stress? Of course you do. My Best Friend Obedience understands what your pet is going through mentally. This is how we are able to change their behavior and most of all your relationship with them in such a short period of time. Call us today.


We Can Help With Hard to Train Dogs, Older Dogs, and Puppies

We firmly believe that there is NO dog that we cannot help train. Give us a call for a free phone consultation.


Hard to Train Dogs

We have the techniques to work with hard to train dogs. 


Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

We have the patients it takes with elder animals. 


Puppies Love to Poo & Pee

Start training your puppy NOW. We have over 35 years of experience. 





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